You have questions? We have the answers!

Q:  Are the photos color or black & white?

A:  The color of the photos is something that can be decided once the person gets into the photo booth as well as various print layout option (up to 4).  Once you book your event with us, we’ll discuss and help you to decide on what color and print layout options will suit your needs best.

Q:  How many photos can you take?

A:  The amount of photobooth sessions is unlimited. The price of the rental includes all photos and we do not charge for each individual photo taken. The typical number of photobooth sessions per hour is near 50-70.

Q:  How many pictures does it take for each person?

A:  The 24″ HD touchscreen in the photobooth gives your guest the option of 1 to 4 images to be taken. Once you book with us, we can customize the exact options presented on the booth touchscreen.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Deposit is $300 and it saves the date for you. The balance (rental amount minus deposit) is due 30 days before the rental.

Q: How much floor space will the booth take up?

A: Our Booth is 3′ (deep) x 5.5′ (wide) x 6.5′ (tall). Depending on what options you choose, we will also need room for one or two 2’x4′ tables for props and/or scrapbook. We also need close access to a grounded (3-prong) outlet.

Q: Does an attendant come with the rental?

A: A trained photobooth attendant accompanies every rental from The Grand Rapids Photobooth Company.

Q: Do the photos print on the spot?

A: It typically take under 20 seconds for the booth to process and print out a photo once the booth images have been taken.

Q: Will you provide props?

A: Our big box of props can be included with each rental, at no extra charge. Wigs, boas, hats, over-sized sunglasses, beads, etc.

Q: How does the photo booth provide favors for guests?

A: Your custom designed event logo/banner can be printed on all the photos at no exrta charge. Your guests will want to keep and display these photos. Photo booth photos are timeless. Unique and thoughtful favors can leave a lasting impression and add a personal touch to your event. Their photo booth print will replace the need for you to purchase any other gifts or favors for your guests – saving you money.

Q: Can you do a scrapbook for the photo strips?

A: Yes. We can configure the booth to automatically print 2 photostrips. One for your guest and one for your photo memory book.

Q: Who sets up the booth and what happens if something goes wrong?

A: Our trained photobooth attendant will be there for the duration of the event. We come and set up the booth and stay so that there are no concerns. If there are any questions or issues we are there to address them.

Q: How do I reserve my date?

A: To formally reserve your event date, all we require is a signed contract along with your $300 deposit. This will officially lock in your date and price for your event!

Q: Are you linked via ‘Social Networks’?

A: Of Course! We’re on Facebook and Google +.

Owner Dave Janaskie can be reached at dave@GrandRapidsPhotoboothCompany.com.